A response to a modern liberal…

In response to the contest between and extrodinary attention payed to Scott Brown and Martha Coakley, there have been a lot of comments posted to this article on this topic at the boston Herald. One commenter in particular raised my ire. So I had to respond.

America’s left are the ones that have corrupted the word ‘liberal’. Today’s Democrat Party is more statist and condescending – patronizing even – of the oppressed and downtrodden in our society than good King George and the Tories ever dreamt of being. Free speech is stifled in the name of inclusion and sensitivity on campuses and in newsrooms across this land. Confiscatory tax policy, graft, and corruption at all levels of government threaten the solvency of this nation and her citizens. Even the basic right of all peoples to self defense is openly mocked in the name of collective security.
The liberals of our nation’s heritage were champions of individual liberty and free exercise of all our God given rights. They were far from perfect and they acknowledged that fact; the solutions and institutions they put in place were and are not without flaw. But the methods and means to right those wrongs were built into that foundation.
If the people of this country feel that it is right to pay for the healthcare of all from the public treasury, then – by all means – let us have that debate and put it forth as a proposed amendment to the Constitution and see if the people of this fair land truly believe that this is something that our founders wrongly overlooked.
Do not, on the other hand, argue that you are somehow more enlightened or noble than the rest of us and therefore know better what is right and good for us, our families, our nation, and our futures.
Liberal? Hah! Power-mad, paternalistic, control freaks with narcissistic delusions of moral and intellectual superiority, mindlessly repeating trite slogans and espousing philosophies that have repeatedly led to the destruction of the societies that have embraced them claiming all the while that this time it will be different somehow because you believe in them. Pathetic. Remember well that there is nothing inherently wrong with fascism – or even dictatorship – as long as the right people are in charge. Fool. I am willing to bet my future that you are not the “right” people.

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