The Beginning of the End


Update: In 2010, the Democrats passed ObamaCare by a 7 vote margin. In 2011, the Republicans passed the bill to repeal ObamaCare with a 55 vote margin.

In each case, one side of the vote was bi-partisan. In both cases, the bi-partisan vote was against ObamaCare.

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The Beginning of the End — 2 Comments

  1. So, the house has passed the repeal, but do you think there will be enough change in the senate to pass it also? only 2 percent of the democratic vote in the House was in favor of the repeal. will that be enough in the senate(1 vote)?

  2. Oh, yeah, then our friend Barack would have to say ” Yes we can!… Kinda…well, we can try! Even if it turns out that a lot of people actually don’t want us to!”

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