If God had a country…

It would probably be near here:


Just returned from a week with my family in the high Uintahs up near Mirror Lake. The trip was courtesy of some old family friends who own a nice cabin in Uintah Lands with lovely views all around.


Fishing success was spotty, but the setting was prime.


We have been very lucky to be out here this year. The heavy snowfall of the past winter coupled with a slow and orderly melt-off has produced conditions in Utah that I cannot recall ever having seen before. Snow still lingers in the high mountain reaches and the green is stunning. I have seen green grass on these mountains before,, though not is such abundance. I have seen the trees full and lush with green leaves. I do not recall ever seeing both of these conditions on the mountains at the same time. Green grass under brown, leafless trees?. Dry, brown grass under green trees? Yes. But green trees and lush, green grass at all elevations simultaneously? Never.

Even in this shot of the Wasatch Range at the south end of the Salt Lake Valley the green and the snow are clearly visible.


Note: All of these pictures were taken with my Dell Venue Pro phone.

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