HuffPo has banned me?

I rarely post or comment on the Huffington Post, but apparently what I did say has not made me any friends over there. Today I got this little note when I tried to reply to someone else’s comment:



I always find it fascinating how insular and defensive much of the online community has become. This is not a trait unique to a certain spectrum of society as I have observed this on all sides of the ideological landscape. In some cases, an open and free debate has, over time, been narrowed. Certain key players and frequent contributors become familiar to one another and to much of the silent audience. As this group personality evolves, new registrations are restricted and eventually dropped altogether. Less frequent contributor’s accounts are deleted and the owner/moderator of the then has more control over the tenor of the conversation, slowly, but inexorably closing out dissenting voices except for a few easily parodied ideologues from the opposition – call it the Alan Colmes factor in the conversation. I realize that in many cases, these site owners are trying to establish a brand or a distinctive voice for their product and I do not begrudge them that right. I do, however, find it a little sad when my own contribution to that voice is deemed…undesirable.

Update: Was it this?: Search the comments for my handle (netmarcos) Is this the reason for my expulsion? It’s the only comment that I could still find. Touchy little progressives they are.

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