Utah Republican Caucus: My Experience

Drudge Report has a headline story up about one Utahan’s claims about the caucus process where he voted. I can assure you that nothing similar happened where I voted.

The process was simple. Upon entry, I was asked to present a valid ID along with my confirmed 2016 Utah Republican Party Caucus Pre-Registration issued by the party. I then was asked to initial the corresponding line with my name and registration details on the printed registration book.

I was then handed a card – signed by the precinct secretary – and asked to print my name on it and keep it in front of me at all times throughout the meeting.

After local party nominations and voting for officers and delegates to the county and state conventions, a single ballot for Republican Candidates for President was place on the table for each validly signed card authorized to vote in person (If you had registered online for the caucus and indicated that you would be voting online, there was  red mark on the card indicating that you were not eligible to submit a ballot in person).

Once I had marked the ballot for the candidate of my choice, I was to place the completed ballot in a box and the signed card in another box.

One person. One vote.

Maybe they do things differently elsewhere, but I am inclined to call shenanigans on the original claimant.

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