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I do not support the concept of group guilt, thus I am opposed to all identity politics.

Adding a qualifier to the concepts of truth or justice diminishes and can even invalidate them. I reject the notions of political correctness and social justice. An action or state of being is either correct or it is not. Actions and laws are either just or they are not. The perceived attributes of those involved is not needed to achieve either.

The foundations of a free and just society are rooted in justice and tempered with mercy where circumstances support. Equality before the law with no respect to origins or station is essential to a civil society. Mercy must not rob justice nor can justice be permitted to prevent the application of mercy.

In the competition for recognition as the favored minority, the smallest and most significant minority is that of the sovereign individual. All rights of personal autonomy and liberty are inherent in all of us at our entrance into this life.

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